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Inspire & Guide - A Partial Design Service

Our partial design services are tailored for those seeking professional interior design guidance without committing to a full-service package, or who prefer to take the DIY route with some expert advice.

This service offers a flexible approach, perfect if you are struggling to make those critical design decisions, are bamboozled by choices and require that vote of confidence to either start a project, or help complete it. 

Partial design services can be implemented across entire home projects as well as smaller room-led projects.

Flat lay of creative architect moodboard composition with samples of building, neutral tex
Bedroom Interior

Included in this service is a detailed shopping list, with links to the very best sources for all the elements we've recommended and . 
We appreciate that every project proceeds at its own pace, so you can acquire the items at your convenience, confident in the knowledge that you're purchasing from reputable and trusted suppliers. 
You will receive one round of revisions to allow for any final tweaks and to make sure the final design is one you love!

 Prices start at £549.00

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