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Design Consultancy

Never before have we had so much unlimited access to interior images, ideas and inspiration but this can be massively confusing when it comes to making decisions and costly when we make the wrong ones. This is where the Charlotte White Design Consultancy can help. Our design consultations allow you to gain expert advice where and when you need it most. You gain valuable advice and direction helping to make the design journey fun and enjoyable, saving you time and money and helping you to create a home you love. 


Our design consultations are useful for;


  • Colour and decorative schemes.

  • Soft furnishing and window treatment design ideas.

  • Furniture layouts and spatial planning.

  • Lighting ideas. 

  • Room dressing and accessorising. 

  • Joinery and cabinetry advice.

  • Construction and remodel ideas.

Design consultations can be carried out virtually or face to face depending upon your preference and location. Our consultations are charged at an hourly rate, so you can easily keep your budget on track and only pay for what you need.

Prices start at £350.00

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