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The Process

​1. Initial Meeting and Briefing
The first stage of the design process, is a no obligation meeting either face to face or virtually (distance dependent). In this phase, we gather detailed information about the project and your brief.

This meeting offers the opportunity to begin to understand your preferences and design goals, functional requirements, project scope and budget,

At this stage, all elements such as current room dimensions,  furniture, colour, lighting and surrounding aesthetics are observed and documented.  

Following this, you will receive a meeting summary, documenting everything we discussed and recorded, as well as a design fee proposal for next stage of the process. 

Please note, the initial design consultation meeting is charged at £200.00 but is off set against the design fees incurred, if further services are employed.  

Inspire & Guide
Flat lay of creative architect moodboard composition with samples of building, neutral tex

​2. Concept Boards and Planning
Once we've received approval of the design proposal, we move into creating concept and sample boards. These begin to show the inspiration and ideas which will form schemes for the property or spaces involved. These concept boards provide a closer look at the aesthetic we are working to create.  We use a combination of images, sketches and samples showing colour, texture, pattern and finishes for paint choices, wall coverings, flooring, lighting options, soft furnishings, interior joinery, artwork and décor.
These concepts are presented for your approval and we discuss any amendments and revisions you may require. At this stage you may be happy to implement the design ideas in your own time independently (as per the partial design service) or you may wish to proceed to our full design service, where we turn the vision into reality. 

​3. Design Implementation & Project Management
Following sign off of designs and budget we can help in the selection process and project management of relevant contractors.  We work closely with an excellent team of tried and tested, highly skilled professionals - from builders to decorators, electricians to plumbers, joiners to upholsterers. Our trades and craftsmen will be specifically chosen to implement and complete your design. 

This phase also involves ordering the relevant materials, attending site visits and keeping you updated on progress.


4. Procurement
This phase is where we proceed to order all your specified items for the design. This encompasses a wide range of elements, from furniture, lighting, and accessories to hardware.

You can rest assured we work with the very best suppliers and offering very competitive discounts on rrp, through our trade accounts.  

5. Installation & Finishing Touches
The final phase of our process is an exciting one and sees the design become a reality. This includes the installation and styling of all designated items in each space.  We pride ourselves in attending to the finest of details and finishing touches to ensure your property is perfectly complete.

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